Written by David on 05/07/2023

Allergens Update

The NSW Food Authority has advised that rom 25 February 2024, allergen information must be declared in a specific format and location on food labels, using prescribed plain English terms in bold font. 

While the majority of our products are sold fresh and as clearly displayed as meat products we do however provide some of these products with extra marinades and glazing which may contain allergens. We also sell third party products which may contain known allergen products.

Over the next six months we will be auditing all our products both instore and online to use the Plain English Allergen Labelling standard as required by the NSW Food Authority. Our website now include a new tab on the product description showing this information.

Allergens Tab
Allergens Update 2

In addition to the required labelling we will also be updating the website to include the ingredients of products in case there is something not included by the standards. At the end of this process our team will also have a handy instore guide of known allergen products so they can easily answer any questions in and informed manner.

As someone who is gluten intolorent and have family who are full ceiliac and severe nut allergies this is important to me not just to the required standards but also for good general health and well being.

Article written by David

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