Written by David on 16/02/2022

Are Butcher Shops Cheaper

The short answer here is no they are not cheaper than super markets, but thats also because we don’t try and compete on price. Our focus is on providing superior quality meats and cuts of meat you won’t find on the super market shelf.

Raw rib beef.  Your Local Butcher
Raw rib eye beef meat steak in vacuum packaging.

The major supermarkets have their own dedicated farmers and supply chain which allows them to reduce costs, however this also means that products are produced to a price not a quality indicator.

We have seen some of this recently when the supermarkets were running out of stock due to the Omicron Virus whilst your local butcher had full stock of products. For sure we also had problems with deliveries and actually had one from the sales rep who turned up for work and was given a truck to drive. (Thanks Woodward!!).

This wide range of suppliers also allows us to select the quality meats that we provide right down to specific producers.

Another feature of your local butcher is that we can cut the meat to exactly how you want and this include cuts which you normally won’t find in the supermarket.

So shop at your local butcher. You will taste that quality farm fresh difference.

Article written by David

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