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Quality bacon makes all the difference for breakfast and for whatever you are cooking.  Our first class bacon is full length.  There are 15 rashers per kilo.


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Make bacon the star ingredient in your pastas, salads, snacks. There’s not much that compares to a piece of perfectly crisp, fresh bacon. Piled up for breakfast, stacked in a BLT, stirred through pasta or whatever dish you are making.  Overall bacon makes almost everything better.

We stock 1st grade full bacon which includes the rind and is a combination of both the shortcut and streaky bacon. The large, lean ‘eye’ comes from the back of the pig, and the skinnier ‘tail’ is from the side or belly of the pig.


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There a just so many ways of cooking bacon so we thought it best to just give you a link to 50 different ways to use it.


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