BBQ Meat Pack


The perfect choice for a quick BBQ.  Let us take all the hassle out of what to buy with a fast and convenient BBQ Meat Pack meat that will surely please all.  Includes rump steak, sausages, chicken kebabs, rissoles and a Big Rick Sauce.

Product Total Price will be: $ 100.00


Our fantastic Pryde Butchery BBQ Meat Pack includes

1kg Rump Steak
1kg Thin or Thick Sausages (your choice)
1kg of Chicken Wingettes (your choice of flavour)
8 x Chicken Kebabs (your choice of available flavours)
One tray of Lamb Kofta’s (contains 10 )
8 x Beef Rissoles ( 150 gram each)
A big Ricks sauce of your choice.


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