Beef Scotch Fillet


Grass-fed Beef Scotch fillet is one of our most popular Aussie steaks thanks to its juicy tenderness and rich, meaty flavour.  It can be used for stir-fries, roast, pan-fried, or BBQ.

Approx 300 grams per steak.

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The cut

Cut from the whole boneless eye of the rib, this cut has a slightly open grain and some marbling in addition to a strip of fat within the lean that runs through the length of the scotch fillet tapering slightly towards the chuck end.

Thin Slice Available

We can cut this steak to any thickness you require.  Ideal for hibachi BBQ!

How to cook

Best cooking methods – Pan Fry, BBQ

This steak is succulent, tender and full of flavour and is one of the most popular. The ribbons of fat that run through the meat keep it moist and tender while cooking. When pan frying, pat the meat dry before cooking. When meat is wet, it does not brown well.

Try allowing space around your scotch fillet steaks in the pan as overcrowding can reduce the temperature and slow cooking. Sear over a medium-high heat turning only once. The general rule is to allow less time on the second side.

Allow the steak to rest before serving, roughly one minute per 100g to allow juices to settle and fibres to relax for the most tender result.  Grab one of our free handy fridge magnet cooking temps in store.


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