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We stock now our own homemade beef tallow made in house from grass feed beef.  We use an our own house process of one pass gentle steaming the beef fat down into tallow.  Then we decant that into our ready to use containers of approx 400+ grams.  This is the most pure and natural version of beef tallow you can get as only comes from the grass feed beef we process in store.

You can buy this online for alot more than we charge and not but sure of the origin of it.  We only stock our own beef tallow made in house in small batches to ensure the quality.

So discover our homemade grass-fed beef tallow, a rich and flavorful cooking essential, perfect for frying, sautéing, baking, and adding a depth of flavour to your favourite dishes.  Perfect for those on the carnivore diet, paleo diet and keto diet.

One container is a minimum of 400 grams.


Product Total Price will be: $ 11.99


Transform your cooking experience with Pryde Butchery’s in-house Beef Tallow. This powerhouse of flavour is not just any fat; it’s a culinary revolution in a jar. Crafted from the finest grass-fed beef, it’s your secret ingredient to elevate everyday meals to gourmet levels.

  1. Frying Champion: Beef Tallow is perfect for frying. It gives your fries, chicken, or onion rings that unbeatable crunch and golden colour. The high smoke point ensures consistent, perfect frying every time.
  2. Pastry Perfection: Imagine flakier, richer pastries. Beef Tallow adds a depth of flavour to pies and pastries that butter or oil just can’t match.
  3. Sautéing Secret: Sauté your vegetables to unlock a new world of flavours. It enhances without overpowering, leaving your veggies deliciously tender.
  4. Roasting Revolution: Roast your meats and vegetables with Beef Tallow for a crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful interior.
  5. BBQ Brilliance: Elevate your barbecues by brushing meats with Beef Tallow. It’s the secret to a perfect char and mouth-watering flavour.

Pryde’s Beef Tallow isn’t just tasty; it’s a healthier choice too. It’s rich in vitamins and free from artificial additives, ensuring you’re cooking with the best. Plus, it’s sustainable, making it a choice you can feel good about.

Our commitment at Pryde Butchery is to quality and sustainability. We source only the best grass-fed beef, ensuring a product that’s as good for the planet as it is for your palate. Our in-house processing guarantees purity and freshness, giving you confidence in every jar.

All our beef tallow is made exclusively in-house to our exact process.  We don’t add anything to the process other than water to help separate the tallow from the impurities.  No water remains in the final product.




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