Looking for the Best Online Butcher store in Barden Ridge

Six reasons why Pryde Butchery is the best local Butcher store

We really are local!

Based in Westfield Miranda, we are in the heart of the Sutherland Shire. We are a real bricks and mortar store, serving local customers so we know what you expect.

Innovative Shopping System.

When you are at the Butcher shop, want to buy items by the type of unit, one steak, 5 lamb chops, etc. What if you could buy your meat the same way online?

At Pryde Butcher Online, you can! We have an innovative new shopping system that allows you to purchase your meat by the type of unit. So, if you want one steak or five lamb chops or three chicken snitty's, you can. Our system will also tell you what you will be receiving and the approximate weight. We also provide helpful guidelines of the weight so you can portion correctly.

Variety and cut your way.

We have a wide variety of products and all the standard cuts.  We can also cut to order beef, lamb, pork and chicken.  As a stockist for Game Farms, we also stock or can bring in duck, rabbit, venison, emu and kangaroo.

Environmentally and Economically Friendly Delivery.

All our packaging is fully recyclable.

Another benefit of shopping locally online is we can quickly change your order with a simple phone call. Need some extra chicken kebabs for unexpected guests? Just give our friendly team a call, and we can update your order.

Freshness and Quality Guaranteed.

We are passionate about giving you the best quality produce and service possible as a team. Our staff live in the area and shop at the same places so we understand what our customers expect and we work hard to deliver on that.


Grass Feed, Locally sourced, ethically raised, and sustainable produce.

We source our products from a variety of local providers either directly in the Shire or from regional NSW, which means we can choose the very best quality for you from small sustainable providers which is better for the environment and animal welfare.

Our beef and lamb are all grass feed for a more natural environment, superior flavour and a more sustainable carbon footprint.

Shopping locally with us directly helps the local economy and our hard work farmers. 

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