Butchers Axe Woodlands


Butchers Axe Woodlands gets your taste buds firing – everything is better with garlic!

Let your imagination run wild and set those flavours free by adding some wild garlic to your BBQ and everyday cooking.

Use Woodlands on its own or as a base coat before applying other rubs for added depth and flavour.

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Butchers Axe Woodlands – WILD GARLIC SEASONING! ?
Get those Tastebuds Tingling – Everything is better with Garlic! Let your imagination Run Wild and set those Tastebuds Free by adding WOODLANDS to your BBQ and Everyday Cooking!
Perfect on its own just like on this quick lunch of Picanha, Mushrooms and Corn… or use WOODLANDS to bump up the flavour of any other rub by adding as a base layer.. also great as a light sprinkle AFTER cooking to make the flavour POP!


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Salt, Sugar, Spices, Dehydrated Vegetables, Flavour Enhancer (621), Mushroom Powder, Smoke Flavour, Anti-caking Agents (551).

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