Carnivore Diet Meat Pack


Our carnivore diet meat pack is the perfect choice for those on or starting this way of eating.  The base pack includes all grass feed steaks, beef mince and lamb, with customisation for sausages and chicken.  All in one very affordable meat box.

2 x 1kg of Premium Grass Fed Beef Mince
6 x 250g of Grass Fed Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks
6 x 250g of Grass Fed New York Steaks
1 x 1.9kg of Grass Fed Lamb Shoulder with bone in

Normal RRP is $350 before add on’s – A whopping saving here!

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The carnivore diet is a low carb dietary plan that focuses exclusively on animal products, emphasizing meats as the primary source of nutrition. This approach eliminates all plant-based foods, aiming for a diet rich in proteins and fats, with virtually no carbohydrates.

Proponents of the carnivore diet argue that this way of eating aligns with our ancestral dietary patterns, potentially leading to various health benefits.  The diet typically includes beef, pork, chicken, fish, other meats, animal products like eggs, and limited dairy, depending on individual tolerance.

We have crafted a base meat pack that makes it easy for you to get the basics and customise it with additional extras, like our specially developed carnivore diet sausages with no fillers and approved spices.

Carnivore Diet Meat Pack Base Includes:
2 x 1kg Premium Grass Fed Beef Mince
6 x 250g Grass Fed Beef Scotch Fillet Steak
6 x 250g Grass Fed New York Steak / Sirloin / Porterhouse
1 x 1.9kg Grass Fed Lamb Shoulder with bone in

Customisation Options:
Carnivore Diet sausages – Beef, Lamb or Pork (approx 500 grams per pack)
Grab some chicken – 1 kg of chicken breast.
You can also change the mince option to 80/20 if you want a higher fat ratio.

Grass Fed Grown in Australia Carnivore Approved


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Our carnivore diet meat box contains:

Grass Feed Beef
Grass Feed Lamb
Chicken – if the option is taken
Salt, pepper, herbs and spices if the sausage option is taken

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