Chicken Tenderloins


Sourced from top-quality hormone and chemical-free chicken, these lean and flavorful cuts are perfect for various culinary creations. Whether you’re pan-searing, grilling, or adding them to your favourite recipes, our chicken tenderloins promise a juicy and mouthwatering experience.  Perfect for children’s meals!

One tenderloin is between 100 to 130 grams.


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Chicken fingers, also known as chicken goujons, chicken strips, chicken tenders or chicken fillets.

At Pryde Butchery, we take great pride in the superior quality of our chicken products, which are air chilled for maximum freshness and taste. Unlike conventional water chilling methods, our chicken is individually cooled in a controlled, cold-air environment. This process ensures that each piece of chicken retains its natural juices and flavours, resulting in more tender and succulent meat.

In addition, air-chilled chicken has a superior texture compared to traditional chicken. The absence of water absorption prevents the meat from becoming rubbery or mushy, ensuring a more satisfying eating experience.

What are Chicken Tenderloins?

Both lean and versatile, they are short, thin cuts of meat from beneath the breast.  They are often cut off from the chicken breast in separate packaging, though you can still buy a chicken breast with a tenderloin attached.  They are a great size for kids meals


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