Dry Aged New York Steak


Our grass feed Dry Aged New York Steak is locally grown and produced, has a rich buttery flavour with a soft and succulent texture. Dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days in our Himalayan salt chamber, this cut is perfect for the BBQ or the pan.

One steak is approx 300 grams.

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Hey there, steak lovers! Let’s dive into the world of Dry Aged New York Steak, a true gem for anyone who appreciates a top-notch cut of meat. This isn’t just any steak; it’s a journey of flavour that’s been carefully aged to perfection. Imagine a steak so tender and rich in taste, it practically melts in your mouth. That’s what you get with our Dry Aged New York Steak, and trust me, it’s worth every bite.

What makes this steak stand out is the dry-aging process. We let these beauties age for weeks, allowing enzymes to do their magic. This not only intensifies the beefy flavor but also breaks down the muscle fibers, resulting in a steak that’s incredibly tender. The aging process is a craft, and we’ve mastered it to bring you a steak that’s not just a meal but an experience.

Grilling this steak is a breeze, and whether you like it rare or well-done, it cooks up beautifully, with a gorgeous crust that’s full of flavor. Pair it with your favourite sides or a dash of seasoning, or just enjoy it as is to appreciate its natural, robust taste truly. It’s not just a steak; it’s a Dry Aged New York Steak and here to elevate your dining experience. Get ready to impress your taste buds and maybe brag a little about your exquisite taste in meat. Cheers to a fantastic meal ahead!

Also known as:
Dry aged New York strip steak.
Dry aged Porterhouse strip steak

Grown in Australia Grass Fed


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