Duck Breasts


Duck breasts are a delicious alternative to chicken or turkey. They have a mild flavor and tender texture. The meat is leaner than beef, but still has plenty of protein.

1 pack contains two breast each at Approx. 420-480g

Product Total Price will be: $ 49.99


Game Farm brand is respected as representing the highest standards of quality control from farm gate to plate. Game Farm continues to grow speciality game birds across New South Wales using small-scale boutique farming methods, allowing a hands-on approach to raise the birds with the respect they deserve.

For hundreds of years, many cultures around the world have enjoyed the flavours of duck meat as part of their varied diet. Yet, for the average Australian household, duck might not necessarily be the first protein that would be considered for the next family meal. However, with the ability now to buy duck online and have it delivered to your door, there is no better time to give it a go and to wow your family and friends with your cooking ability to serve duck.


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