Family Meat Pack


Looking for a great deal on meals for the week then shop no further.  Our family meat pack has you covered with a variety of different meats.  Grass fed Beef and Lamb, chemical and hormone-free chicken, and homemade sausages.  Vacuum sealed ready to eat or store in the freezer.

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Get the best for your family with our Grass-Fed Beef Family Meat Pack. Packed with premium, grass-fed beef, it offers great value and simplifies meal planning. Perfect for nutritious and delicious family meals!


1 kg Premium Grass-fed Beef Mince
1 kg Chicken Breasts
1 kg of our Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel.  (Plain or Herb and Garlic)
1 kg of your choice of our flavoured sausages.
1 kg of Bacon
1 kg of Pork Medallions
1 kg of Rump Steak
1 Leg of Lamb
1 kg of Beef Strips
1 Dozen Eggs
4 x New York Steaks (our teams personal favourite steak) approx 250 grams each



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