Free Range Sliced Ham


Our premium free range ham thinly sliced ready to go.

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Have you been on the hunt for ham that not only tastes amazing but also makes you feel good about your choices? Look no further. Introducing Pryde’s Free Range Sliced Ham – the real deal in flavour and ethics.

Why Our Free Range Sliced Ham?

  • ? Taste the Quality: First off, this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill ham. This is the stuff food dreams are made of—each slice packed with natural, mouthwatering flavour.
  • ? Ethically Sourced: Not just delicious, but also guilt-free! Our ham comes from free-range farms, where animals roam freely. You’re not just buying ham; you’re supporting humane farming practices.
  • ? Award-Winning Goodness: Trust us; we know meat. In fact, we’ve won awards for it. So, you know you’re biting into quality.
  • ? Convenient: Whether you’re picking it up at Westfield Miranda or ordering online, we’ve got you. And hey, if you’re in our instant delivery area, we can get it to you, quick as a wink!

Feel the Experience

Picture this: A casual Sunday brunch with the fam, and the star on the table is Pryde’s Free Range Sliced Ham. The kids love it; even the in-laws are impressed. You’ll feel like the hero of the day, knowing you’re serving not just any ham, but one that aligns with your values of quality and ethics.

Local Love

Don’t just take our word for it—our mates around Sydney, Sutherland Shire, and Wollongong can’t get enough. Award-winning and loved by locals, we’re here to make your meal times extra special.

Ready to elevate your meals and be the talk of the town?

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