Gravy Beef


Our gravy beef is  100% grass-fed Angus raised in NSW. This makes it not only healthier for you, but also richer in flavour. We know that taste is important to you, which is why we only use the freshest beef possible. Slow-cook our gravy beef to perfection, for a rich and savoury gravy that will complement any dish.

Our team is happy to cut to any size you need.  The minimum quantity is 100 grams

Product Total Price will be: $ 23.99


Gravy beef is a cut that comes from three main areas; the hind leg and the front leg (also known as shin) plus the neck area. It is rich in flavour and is traditionally used with the bone in for excellent stews and soups. Richly flavoured, it has little fat but contains a lot of connective tissue that softens during long, slow cooking.


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