Homemade Chicken Stock

Homemade in store.


Our homemade chicken stock is prepared instore using our hormorne and chemical free chicken frames, wing tips and other freshest offcuts of chicken.  We simmer gently for a few hours and then decant into 500ml resealable containers.

No Salt Added.

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There is nothing better than homemade chicken stock so we do exactly that with ours.  It is made instore with just our best chicken frames and wingtips.  We then simmer them instore with a some key vegetables untill the stock is ready and filter three times to provide you a clear stock that is ready for you use in whatever dish you want.

We don’t add any salt to the stock so you can decide how you want to use it.  (so just a friendly note! if you taste it out of container it will be rather bland, chicken stock does need some salt added to it along they way, but we would rather leave that for you to work out).

All our chicken products are hormone and chemical free so thats all we put into the stock, oh and some fresh veg and a few herbs!

This stock has my signature on it.  I love it and use all the time.



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Chicken frames, legs and wingtips




Bay leafs

Pepper corns

White wine vinegar (we add this to help break down the chicken cartilage for smoother taste)



Feel free to use this in any recipe that calls for great chicken stock.  Ours is made fully home made instore to give you the best chicken stock you can get without the effort of spending hours cooking it yourself.


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