Malleeroo – Kangaroo Rump


Australian kangaroo are known for being one of the leanest meats in the world and being some of the highest in protein. Kangaroo rump steaks are a great alternative to beef for the health-conscious or if you want to extend your flavour palate. Kangaroo rump is also great when roasted whole or cut into strips for stir fry, curry’s and is ideal for BBQ and Grilling

400 – 600g Cryovac Bags
(2 Pieces)

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Environmentalists hype its eco-friendliness, nutritionists gush over its health benefits, and chefs praise its wild, tender meat. Our Malleeroo
kangaroo rump is sourced from Western Grey kangaroos harvested over extensive pastoral areas in South Eastern Australia. In this habitat, a commercial harvest quota is necessary to prevent economic and environmental damage by growing kangaroo populations, making our Malleeroo kangaroo one of Australia’s most natural and sustainable renewable resources. As a wild-ranging animal, the Grey Kangaroo is
superior in eating quality, texture and versatility, with a delicious medium-intensity flavour and a mild spice complexity due to the natural
seasoning from native feed.

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