Lamb Neck Chops


Lamb neck chops are economical, bone-in cuts known for their depth of flavor and tenderness when slow-cooked in stews and curries.

One is neck chop is approx 200 grams.

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Lamb neck chops are an economical,  flavourful and versatile cut of meat that shines when given the slow-cooking treatment. Rich in flavour and with a texture that becomes incredibly tender upon long cooking, lamb neck chops are ideal for a range of hearty dishes. From traditional stews and casseroles that simmer on the stove for hours, infusing the meat with the flavours of herbs, vegetables, and broths to modern slow-cooker recipes that offer convenience without compromising on taste, these chops are a testament to the culinary delight that patience and slow cooking can bring to the table.

Also known as Lamb neck rosettes or Lamb rosettes

Grown in Australia


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