Marinated Pork Scotch Fillet


Succullent marinated pork scotch fillet available in a rich Peking sauce marinade, or Honey/Soy.  They are part of our ready to cook range and only takes minutes to cook.  Follow along with our simple to cook instructions (in the receipe tab) and you have an amazing meal ready to go.  This is one of our frequest customers goto items!

One marinated fillet is approx 250 grams

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Marinated Pork Scotch Fillet are a great and tasty way to add instant flavour to any meal you want to cook.  Available already glazed with a tasty Peking Pork or classic Honey/Soy they are super simple to cook in may differert way.

Check out our recipe tab on this site for simple instructions on how to use this budget-friendly and tasty cut of meat.

This has been an in-store cook and demonstrate winner.


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Pork Fillet

Honey Soy Marinade
Water, Sugar, Honey (20%), Caramel (150a), Thickener (1422, 415), Salt, Rice Vinegar, Soy Protein Concentrate (4%), Food Acid (330).

Peking Marinade
Sugar, Maltodextrin, Salt, vegetable powders, natural flavour, spices, soy sauce powder, natural colours (cochineal extract, Annatto, caramel), paprika, oleoresins, turmeric, vegetable gum, food acid



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