New York Steak


The steak lovers’ choice, the New York Steak, is lean, notably tender, rich in flavour and extremely juicy.

Also commonly called Sirloin Steak or Porterhouse Steak

Approx weight is 240-270 grams.

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Sirloin Steak /Porterhouse Steak / New York Steak:

These steaks are widely considered to be one the finest steaks on offer. They are nicely marbled and contain an outside layer of fat that can be trimmed or left on for increased succulence. These steaks are well suited to grilling or pan-frying.


Cooking Time for New York / Sirloin Streak

We recommend the following for our steaks which are cut to approx 2cm thick.
Rare: 1.5 mins per side
Medium rare: 2 mins per side
Medium: Just over 2 mins per side
Well-done steak: Cook for about 4-5 mins each side, depending on thickness.





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