Written by David on 13/12/2022

Packing Meat for Camping.

With the days getting longer and warmer Summer is on the way and our minds turn to holidays and the great outdoors. For many of us this will involve some form of camping, be it a simple pop up tent to an all terrain caravan from coast to outback we will be there.

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Meal Planning

A key to any successful camping trip is great food and with abit of pre-planning can amke all the difference here. There is no one plan fits all as everyone has different diets, destinations and food storage. I like to camp down the South Coast of NSW so leave two nights open for fresh fish and/or a sneaky fish and chips, whilse those heading inland fresh fish is not likely an option.

Next step is to plan out meal idea’s at a high level and what might work as left over’s for lunch next day type of thing and then make a simple list of the meats. Depending on your camping setup you can create meals ranging from Snags on the BBQ to full on roasts and cassaroles. My goto plan is sausages, kebabs, steak and mince with a backup of chicken thighs. Mince gives you wide range of options without having to have a locked in meal, those others with families may want to be very specific.

Portioning and Packing.

Now you have the meal plan the next step is preparing the various meats to take away with you and here Pryde Butchery can help with every step of portioning, cryovacing, labelling and freezing for you.

When you place an order with us you can specify the quantities that you want packed out. For example we can break two kgs of mince into one kgs packs and freeze ready for you pull out and use when you need. Along with all the items being labelled by us this makes it super simple to find everything in your freezer/fridge.

What is Cryovacing?

Also known as vacuum packing it is a very effective way to preserve and store meat as with all the oxygen removed some meats can be kept for weeks at the correct temperatures and upto two years in a freezer. In fact many cuts of beef are aged for at least 30 days in cryovaced storage to be considered a premium cut.

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Cryovac Steak

While some households have consumer vacuum packing machines they can be an expensive purchase just to prepare for a camping trip and we can do it all for you inclusive using professional grade packaging and equipment, also our team know the tips and tricks for packing difficult items like kebabs. There are some items such as sausages which are not suitable to cryvac so we will pack in alternative materials for you. Crumbed products??

Another great benefit of vacuum packing all your meats is that you remove all unecessary space and can optimize your fridge and freezer space.

Freeze it!

If you have a camping fridge freezer then having it all frozen before you leave saves your unit have to do all the work of freezing all the products and while modern units are very effient they can’t compete with a mains powered freezer. Even easier is to have us freeze it all down before collection which saves having to rearrange your freezer to fit it all in and run the risk of not freezing everything evenly. Save your own freeze and have us hold the product frozen and pickup just before you leave.

Browse our full range of products online where you can order directly online and we can also hold all the product frozen until you are ready to leave as we are open seven days a week.

Article written by David

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