Written by David on 07/06/2022

Plastic Carry Bags Update

From 1 June 2022 new regulations prohibit the use of single use plastic carry bags.

We are currently in the two week grace period of using up our existing stock after which we will no longer be able to provide single use carry bags

From 15 June 2022 we will begin to use the thicker reusable carry bags however these are more expensive to provide. To try and help all our valued customers we will be doing the following.

  • Firstly our team will ask if you need a carry bag.
  • If your purchase is less that $50 we can offer you a reusable carry bag for a modest cost of 15 cents.
  • For purchases over $50 and you need a carry bag it will be on us, thou we would prefer you come ready with a reusable carry bag.

We will shortly be trialing paper bags for smaller items and keep you posted on how that works. Our team is committed to reducing plastic wastage and working to find ways we can reduce it internally.

For health reasons all fresh products must be provided in produce bags and we ask all our customer that where possible send them off to soft plastic recycling.

We acknowledge that the meat industry is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions and while we support all efforts within the industry to reduce emissions it is a complex issue. We can however do our best to make sure we minimize the plastic issue.

Thank you very much for all your understanding.

Pryde Butchery Team

Article written by David

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