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Our Pulled Pork is a classic American dish made with pork shoulder meat that has been slowly cooked until tender. Our pre rubbed pieces use a combination of spices and seasonings to create an authentic flavor profile which your family is going to love.  See our recipe section for just how easy this is to make.  Slow cooked this is amazing.

1 pulled pork is approx 1 to 1.2kgs

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We have recently put our pulled pork out for an instore sampling and all are amazed at how good this tastes and then how easy it is to cook.  – Click the recipe tab for details –  A very versatile dish this can be prepared in the morning with a slow cooker and ready that night for great meal.  Some suggestions are on Taco’s, Slider or with some rice and vege.  Your imagination is the limit with this.


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Pryde Butchery Easy As Pulled Pork

This is how we have prepared and presented our pulled pork for our customer sampling and how our team cooks it often.

1 Pryde Butchery Pulled Pork
1 can of Coke or Pepsi
1 tsp Smoked Paprika (optional as the pork is already seasoned)
1/2 tsp salt

Put all the above into a slow cooker, and for a low setting, go for 6+ hours.  For a high setting, 4+ hours will do the trick then set to low.  Don’t worry about the time too much so long as we put our on for 12hrs on slow, and it’s been excellent.

When ready to serve don’t worry about all the juices (they contain so much flavour).  Start pulling it apart with two forks, and you will find it comes apart so easily.  Keep doing that and mixing with the cooking juices until you have the consistency you want.  Generally, at the right level of pulled apart, all the cooking juices will have mixed into the meat to provide a wonderful dish ready to serve with whatever you add.

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