Originally native to the Middle East, our quail are raised locally in NSW. It’s a small bird, so one will serve one person as a starter, and you’ll need two as a main course. It has a fairly high proportion of lean, meaty flesh to bone, and a delicate flavour.

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Whilst not extremely common on the dinner plates of many Australians, these tiny flavour packed birds are definitely something worth adding to your home dinner plans. The great thing about quail as a protein is that you can grill, fry, roast and even sauté – whatever you are in the mood for.

Even with their small size, the gamier meat packs more flavour, meaning you have don’t have to do as much to extract flavour out of the meat. The small size also means slightly reduced cooking time as well, always handy when you are in a rush after work. So whilst you might only really see quail on tv shows with professional and amateur cooks, don’t be scared to try it at home.

In order to fill up your family, we recommend two quail per adult you are feeding, along with a couple of side dishes. Any of the vegetables, rice, or other sides that you normally prepare with chicken will generally work with quail as well, especially if you roast it.

Quail Cooking Tips

  • Since it is so small, be careful of over cooking the meat, making it go tough – especially since the meat is gamier. Much like other proteins, it is ready when it is slightly firm to touch and juice runs clear. If stuffing it, feel free to let it go just that little bit longer.

  • If you are in a rush at home, a light splash of olive oil, salt and pepper over the top of the quail (skin on or off – up to you), garlic rubbed over the bird and about 20min in the oven is all you need to have a nice flavourful roast dinner. Much quicker than a whole chicken!

  • Take one of your favourite Asian recipes (especially Vietnamese ones) and replace the chicken you would normally do with quail for a tasty change to what you are used to.


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