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Resting Meat – How Long and Why (TLDR Version)

Why you should rest meat after cooking.

Many of you will have heard or be aware the resting meat after cooking is thing to do. Well there is alot of science behind this but lets go with the Too Long Didn’t Read Version .

Steaks – at least 10 mins – Thick steaks like a Cattlemans or Tomahawk will need longer
Minute Steak – Nope its done – use as soon as cooked – its just going to get cold.
Roasts – Upto 30 mins depending on size. – A just under 2kg roast will need the full 30 mins.
Fish – Yes we cover fish here as well – 2-3 mins will work wonders.
Chicken – Full roast chook about 15-20 mins. Portions from 5-10 mins depending on size.


No science zone here. During the cooking process the stuff that makes up meat all gets smaller and sqeezes our the juices to the surface. When you let the meat rest after cooking it gives it time to lets all those jucies go back to where they came from, and as those juices also have most of flavour within them you want them all thru the meat.

But is it worth the extra time?

Again in a non science way – Hell yeah. By giving any cooked meat the time to rest lets all those flavour juices settle back down and when you will notice the difference.

On our Saturday cook and sample session we have prepared in display cooking our grass feed rump steak with just a simple salt and pepper seasoning, temperature check it, then let it rest the full time for amazing results with customers asking is the really rump steak! (Obviously it was our own high quality rump steak)

What do you mean by temperature checking it?

There are many different ways of checking how well meat is cooked and numerous Youtube videos on this, however the absolutely sure way is to use an cooking thermometer (with instant read being the best option). This way you can be sure you have cooked your meat to the perfect level of doneness and get the ideal tenderness and flavour.

We have instore available free for all customers a handy fridge magnet with the best cooking temperatures so you always have it handy and if you don’t have an instant read thermometer we have them as well.

Bit longer than expected?

We did intend this to be a really quick post and thanks for reading down so far. We hope it gave you some really helpful information and please give it a like and if you love our meat head over to google to give us a review.

Article written by David

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