Smoked Ham Hocks


Experience the rich, smoky flavour of our Smoked Ham Hocks. These delectable cuts of meat are carefully smoked to perfection, creating a depth of taste that adds a savoury twist to your favourite dishes. Whether you’re crafting hearty soups, stews, or adding a burst of flavor to beans and greens, our smoked ham hocks are the secret ingredient to elevate your culinary creations.

One hock is approx 1.1 kgs

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Unleash your culinary creativity as you savour the versatility of our Ham Hocks. Whether you’re simmering a pot of soul-soothing pea and ham soup or enriching the flavours of your favourite stews and casseroles, these ham hocks become the heart of your creations. The enchanting smokiness blends harmoniously with the tender meat, transforming ordinary recipes into extraordinary feasts.

And for those cozy evenings when comfort food is calling, our Smoked Ham Hocks are an essential ingredient for crafting the iconic pea and ham soup – a warm and hearty classic that wraps you in its satisfying embrace. Elevate your dishes with the unmatched taste of our Smoked Ham Hocks and discover a world of culinary possibilities.


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