Written by David on 12/05/2022

Sourcing of Product

The sourcing of product within the meat industry has become an important question to ask after watching the ABC news article about JBS and how it is a huge supplier of meat products with Australia to the major super markets and also aware from that article there are aspects of the JBS company history that we don’t like.


To this end we have done a full check on own supply lines and happy to let our customers know that we do not source any of our product from JBS our companies they own. The closest association found was via Andrews Meats who have a partnership with Game Meats and we are happy to advise we buy directly from Game Meats not via Andrews Meats.

As a third gerneration of meat production I personally endorse all our products and want to be sure that we provide you, our customers with the best raised and grown products from local farmers. Pryde Butchery proud sponser of Rural Aid and would ask any of our customers to sponser.


Article written by David

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