Beef Standing Rib Roast


Take your next dinner party up a level with a standing rib roast, often referred to as prime rib.  It is a popular cut of beef known for its rich flavor and tenderness. Here’s what you need to know:

The rib roast is taken from the rib primal cut, typically with at least three ribs. It’s known for the marbling, which adds flavor and juiciness to the meat.  We let you specify the exact size you want!

Available from 2 ribs to 7 ribs. – (Packed as a single roast)

A two rib standing roast is approx 1 kg.  (final cost will be calculated when we pack the product).

Product Total Price will be: $ 49.99
* This is a variable weight item. We will refund you the difference between the weight paid and the weight packed when we fulfill your order.
Click here for help with quantity and units.  


Feel the excitement of hosting with the finest – a sumptuous Beef Standing Rib Roast cut from our acclaimed grass-fed beef. Every bite promises not just a rich flavour, but an experience cherished by all.

Why Choose Our Standing Rib Roast?

  • Custom Cuts: You desire, we deliver! Choose your size, and our master butchers craft it to perfection.
  • Award-Winning Quality: This isn’t just beef. This is the winner of the 2023 Local Business Award for outstanding meat and poultry.
  • Pure, Grass-Fed Goodness: Dive into the healthier and more flavorful world of grass-fed beef. Taste nature in every bite!
  • Unforgettable Memories: More than a meal, it’s the centerpiece of a night remembered by family and friends.

Loved by locals for our commitment to quality and super-friendly service, Pryde Butchery stands by every slice. Dive into a world of culinary excellence and make your next dinner party the talk of the town.


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