Steak Dianne Tuckerbag

Mid week dinner sorted


Delicious steak Diane wrapped in a tender puff pastry.  Oven back for 45 mins at 180C.

Contains Gluten.

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Dive into a world of taste with our Steak Dianne Tuckerbag. This isn’t just any steak – it’s a culinary adventure! Savour the tender, juicy texture that every bite offers. Its robust flavour is a testament to our commitment at Pryde Butchery. We ensure only the finest cuts make it to your plate.

Every piece promises freshness. Handpicked by experts, the Steak Dianne stands out. It’s sourced from top-notch grass-fed beef, showcasing our dedication to quality. When you choose the Steak Dianne, you’re choosing an unparalleled taste experience.

Cooking is a breeze. No more guesswork or hours in the kitchen. Our Steak Dianne is tailored for quick yet gourmet meals. Pair it with your favourite wine or side dish, and you’ve got a meal that impresses every time.

Why wait? Elevate your next dinner with the Steak Dianne Tuckerbag. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a flavour-packed meal. Order now and dive into a steak experience like no other! ??


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