Tomahawk Gift Pack


Introducing our Tomahawk Gift Pack – a culinary delight that brings together a feast of flavours. This exceptional pack features a juicy Tomahawk steak, perfect for grilling to perfection. Accompanying it are 12 delectable Thin Sausages, a jar of our flavorful Chimichurri sauce, and a beef rub of your choice to enhance your culinary creations. To add to the experience, we’ve included a $20 BWS voucher, allowing you to pair your feast with the perfect beverage.


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Whether you’re looking to elevate your backyard barbecue or surprise a fellow food enthusiast, our Tomahawk Gift Pack is a culinary journey that delivers a premium dining experience and a touch of indulgence. The succulent Tomahawk steak’s centrepiece boasts exceptional marbling and flavour, inviting you to savour every bite.

But that’s not all – we’ve carefully curated this pack to include a range of delights. The 12 Thin Sausages offer a taste of variety, perfect for a sharing platter or a savoury addition to your meals. Complementing the meats is a jar of our exquisite Chimichurri sauce, adding a burst of vibrant flavours to your steak and sausages. And for those seeking to perfect their seasoning, the included beef rub of your choice guarantees an exceptional taste experience.

To make your culinary adventure even more enjoyable, we’ve included a $20 BWS voucher, ensuring you have the ideal beverage to pair with your meal. From the sizzle of the BBQ, to the first mouthwatering bite, our Tomahawk Gift Pack promises a gastronomic journey that’s bound to impress. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, this pack encapsulates the joys of exceptional food and memorable moments.


1 Tomahawk Steak
A dozen Thin Sausages
1 jar of Sur Chimichurri.
1 Butchers Axe Rub
A $20 BWS Voucher


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