TRUFF Truffle Salt


Our Truffle Salt elevates the entire kitchen experience, from gourmet cooking and backyard grilling to sprinkling atop leftovers!

Fine and Coarse Sea Salt, Black Summer Truffles – Specialty seasoning for a truly aromatic flavour experience.

Sprinkle on the finest steaks and on your everyday popcorn.

Includes handy clip top lid with sprinkle holes.

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Truff Truffle Salt is a specialty seasoning that enhances the kitchen experience by adding a luxurious touch to various dishes. This product is made from a blend of fine and coarse sea salt mixed with black summer truffles, offering a unique and aromatic flavour profile. It’s suitable for a variety of uses, from gourmet cooking and backyard grilling to adding a special touch to everyday meals like leftovers.

For popcorn and avocado toast, Truff Truffle Salt can be a game-changer. Its rich and earthy flavour pairs wonderfully with the simplicity of popcorn, adding a gourmet twist to this classic snack. Similarly, when sprinkled on avocado toast, it enhances the dish’s flavour, elevating it from a simple breakfast item to a more sophisticated and flavorful experience.

Truff Truffle Salt is gluten-free and vegan, making it an inclusive option for various dietary preferences. It’s available for purchase in 150g quantities and can be easily ordered online, with the convenience of tracking your order and a satisfaction guarantee policy.


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