Veal Mince


Our veal mince is perfect for those seeking a lean and flavorful alternative to traditional beef mince. Sourced from humanely raised, pasture-raised veal, this mince is packed with premium-quality protein and essential nutrients. Its delicate and mild flavour makes it a versatile ingredient for various dishes. Whether you’re preparing veal meatballs, burgers, or savoury pasta sauces, our grass-fed veal mince will surely impress.

Min qty is 100 grams.

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Our Veal Mince offers a lean and tender option for your culinary creations. Sourced with care, this mince brings a mild and versatile flavour to your dishes, making it a popular choice for various recipes. Its delicate taste and fine texture lend themselves well to dishes like meatballs, lasagna, and Bolognese sauce. The mince cooks quickly and absorbs flavours easily, allowing you to explore a range of cuisines and experiment with your favourite seasonings. From weeknight dinners to special occasions, our Veal Mince is an ideal option to add a touch of tenderness to your meals.


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