Whole Duck


Whole Duck from the Wimmera region of Victoria and Hawkesbury region of NSW.  Available as frozen

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Our Supplier Game Farms have partnered with Australia’s most respected duck producers to supply you with premium Aylesbury Pekin and Grimaud duck. In the Wimmera region of Victoria and Hawkesbury region of NSW, our ducks are produced with a simple love of flavour and family. Our ducks are grown until eight weeks of age in large, airy, well-lit barns. They are raised with constant access to high-quality wheat-based grain and fresh water for drinking and preening. Simple and easy to prepare, our customers love the superior rich flavour, tender meat and crispy duck skin.

For hundreds of years, many cultures worldwide have enjoyed the flavours of duck meat as part of their varied diet. Yet, for the average Australian household, duck might not necessarily be the first protein that would be considered for the next family meal. However, with the ability now to buy duck online and have it delivered to your door, there is no better time to give it a go and to wow your family and friends with your cooking ability to serve duck.


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