Whole Pork Belly


Pork belly is a fatty cut of meat, literally from the belly of a pig. It is use in many different cuisines around the world and is fantastic roasted whole.  We cut to your size and can score the skin

Sizing is from 500 gram to 5 kgs.

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How to get crispy pork cracking.

The trick to crunchy crackling? Dry skin. The skin on the pork belly needs to be very dry for it to be able to bubble and crisp up. Before placing the pork in a hot oven rub the skin with salt and black pepper (optional). The salt also adds to the crisping of the skin. Starting the roasting at a high heat also allows that initial crisping of the skin to happen. If your pork crackling isn’t as crispy as you want it,  place the pork under a hot grill for a few minutes until it’s done your preference.


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