9 Delicious Christmas Ham Glaze Recipes

A very common question we are asked at the shop is how best to glaze a ham. So instead of this being just one simple goto answer we decided to provide you with a few carefully selected links to recipes that we think are tasty and easy to prepare.

Our first goto site for ham glaze is from Billy Parisi as he provides three different easy to prepare recipes that are easy to prepare and fit well with the Australian Summer Christmas (note you can change maple syrpe to honey)


Three Different Ham Glazes Recipes from Billy

Local Infuences

Our next choice is from Marions Kitchen who produts are present in all major super markets around Australia. Marion provides a really great update to the traditional Christmas hams and brings in all the flavours that we love. An easy to follow video for a great Christmas day.

Traditional Ham Glaze

And if you want to go full traditional then how about a Jamie Oliver version. Video Link below.

We hope that with all the options above you find glazed ham recipe that works for you.

All the very best wishes for Christmas from the Pryde Butchery team in Level 1 Miranda. We have all the cuts of meats from above ready for you to pick up and cook.

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