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Duck Breasts
Duck breasts are a delicious alternative to chicken or turkey. They have a mild flavor and tender texture. The meat is leaner than beef, but still has plenty of protein. 1 pack contains two breast each at Approx. 420-480g


Duck Marylands
Duck marylands are a delicious, healthy alternative to chicken.  Try them roasted in a hot oven. Portion size (210 - 310g) with 4 legs per pack Grown in regional NSW Frozen Product  


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Farmed White Rabbit
Frozen farmed white rabbit.   Please note this product is sold on a per kg basis Approx size is 800g – 1.4kg each


Discover the unique and delightful flavors of our goat meat. Sourced from trusted Australian farms, our goat meat offers a lean and tender texture with a mildly rich taste. Whether you're preparing traditional curries, hearty stews, or succulent kebabs, our goat meat is the perfect choice. Generally this is provided cut to size.  Please lets us know via the instructions if you have any special requirements. Min Qty is 100 grams


Malleeroo – Kangaroo Rump
Australian kangaroo are known for being one of the leanest meats in the world and being some of the highest in protein. Kangaroo rump steaks are a great alternative to beef for the health-conscious or if you want to extend your flavour palate. Kangaroo rump is also great when roasted whole or cut into strips for stir fry, curry's and is ideal for BBQ and Grilling 400 – 600g Cryovac Bags (2 Pieces)


Originally native to the Middle East, our quail are raised locally in NSW. It’s a small bird, so one will serve one person as a starter, and you’ll need two as a main course. It has a fairly high proportion of lean, meaty flesh to bone, and a delicate flavour. Sold in a pack of 6 with a min weight of 1.2 kg


Also known as spring chicken or poussin, spatchcock are perfect for home chefs looking for a more succulent and exciting alternative to chicken. Single chicken is approx 650 grams - 740 grams


Whole Duck
Whole Duck from the Wimmera region of Victoria and Hawkesbury region of NSW.  Available as frozen Frozen Product Approx size is 1.8kg


Whole Wild Rabbit
Frozen wild rabbit from regional NSW. Approx size is 800 grams to 1 kg


Farm Fresh Local Butcher Sutherland
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