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Full range of kebabs.  Made in-house ready for your BBQ, Air Fryer or Grill


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Chicken Souvlaki Kebabs
Our chicken souvlaki kebabs are made using juicy thigh fillets, and beautifully marinated with our signature souvlaki seasoning. A delicious addition to your BBQ. All our kebabs are handmade in-store and weigh approx 105 grams each.


Gourmet Beef Kebabs
Our gourmet beef kebabs are handmade instore using tender grass feed beef.  Threaded with fresh capisucum and red onion then drizzled in a hickory barbecue marinade. Each kebab is approx 150 grams


Gourmet Lamb Kebabs
Select cubes of NSW lamb seasoned and hand skewered with capsicum and red onion.  Ready for the BBQ or grill


Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs
Our handmade Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs are easy-to-cook chicken kebabs using juicy thigh meat soaked in a tasty mix of honey and soy sauce. Great for a family meal, perfect for BBQs. 1 Kebab is approx 105 grams


Lamb Kebabs
Our lamb kebabs in souvlaki seasoning are the perfect blend of tender, juicy meat and bold, flavorful spices.  Ideal for the BBQ.  


Pork Souvlaki Kebabs
Our pork souvlaki kebabs are hand-made with succulent tenderised pork next then coated in a savoury Greek souvlaki mix. One kebab is 100 grams.


Satay Chicken Kebabs
Our Satay Chicken Kebabs are handmade with our juicy, hormone and chemical-free chicken thighs, then smothered in a delicious peanut satay sauce.  Perfect for the BBQ or oven. Each stick weighs approx 105 grams.


Smokey BBQ Chicken Kebabs
Cubes of our hormone and chemical free chicken coated in a smokey hickory BBQ marinade. All our kebabs are handmade in store.


Farm Fresh Local Butcher Sutherland
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